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Summary: Tumblr prompt: “Stay. I need you more than you think."

Characters: Janeway, Chakotay

Codes: Janeway/Chakotay


Disclaimer: Characters are Paramount’s. No infringement intended.

Rated T

She’d only meant to comfort him with a hand on his shoulder, but he’d shuddered, still so raw from the agonising day, and she found herself pulling him close. His hands clutched her uniform, her mouth dragged across his stubbled cheek, and from there it was inevitable.

Afterward, she pushed him off her and hid her face in trembling hands. “What have we done?”


“Are you saying this was a mistake?”


She turned from the hurt in his eyes.


“I’ll go,” he said, defeated, pulling on his clothes.


He was almost to the door before she spoke.


“No… please stay.”

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