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Social Distance

Summary: The terrible trials of a captain in quarantine.

Characters: Janeway

Codes: Janeway/Chakotay

Disclaimer: Paramount/CBS own all rights to the Voyager universe and its characters, which I am borrowing without permission or intent to profit, only to amuse.

Notes: Written for the Lock Down Fest 2020, and hey fuck the coronavirus.


Rated T

Captain’s personal log, stardate 52103.2.

Day 6 of our forced quarantine…

I have discovered that Chakotay’s unfortunate personal habits extend to: remaining silent until after my first cup of the coffee he brings me in bed, leaving me ample hot water and picking up the underwear I leave on the floor.

If only he would sniff it before he tosses it into the recycler, or fart in bed, or leave toenail clippings in the bathroom sink, but alas, he is so far showing every sign of being as perfect as he appears.

I am growing concerned that even after the Doctor has developed his cure for this virus, I will have become so used to being treated like the queen I am that I won’t want to go back to being the captain.

Still, it’s lucky we were the only ones afflicted with this particular mutated strain of the virus. Imagine if I’d been stuck alone with Neelix for the past six days? He wouldn’t have made it past Day 3.



Captain’s personal log, addendum.

Naturally, Seven of Nine is the only crew member who was exposed to the virus without getting sick.

She seems to be doing admirably well, running the ship by herself. Surely I can leave her to command the bridge and maintain ship’s systems alone for a while longer? She won’t need to regenerate for another thirty hours or so without her cybernetic systems starting to fail. Beside, it’ll be character-building.

I wonder if Chakotay’s awake yet.

I wonder if he’s so tired because of the virus, or because I’m wearing him out.

I wonder if I should feel guilty about that? I mean, really, It’s his fault for being so damn good in bed.



Captain’s personal log, stardate 52105.8.

Day 7.

Chakotay is obviously feeling much better, if the way he woke me this morning is any judge. And they say starship captains don’t blush!

When I asked him where he learnt that little trick he mumbled something about warrior women and tribal customs and finished with “I have more”, so I told him to put his latinum where his mouth is.

I’ve never known anyone to keep their latinum there before.

While Chakotay was fetching the massage oil, the Doctor commed to tell me that he has successfully tested a vaccine on seventeen crewmen of various species with no ill effects, and that he expects to have a cure in the next day or so.

I have shut down his program.

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