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Simple Comfort

Seven years in exile makes for some strange bedfellows. A "guess who?" collection of companion ficlets, inspired by the VAMB "Guess the Pairing" challenges. (Pairings have now been listed, since I've written sequels to two of these ficlets.)


Codes: Janeway/Ayala, Carey/Nicoletti, Harren/Dalby

Status: Complete.


Ratings: T to M



“He can never know,” she tells me, as her fingers work the jacket from my shoulders. (Now with a sequel, Surrender.)


Characters: Ayala, Janeway

Codes: Janeway/Ayala


Rated M | Published 2 October, 2016 | 470 words





“I know what they say," he murmured. "They're wrong."


Characters: Nicoletti, Carey

Codes: Carey/Nicoletti, Torres/Nicoletti (referenced)


Rated T | Published 2 October, 2016 | 480 words





“You spend too much time locked away with your damn equations," he hisses. "What are they telling you now?" (Now with a sequel, Improper Fractions.)


Characters: Harren, Dalby

Codes: Harren/Dalby


Rated M | Published 2 October, 2016 | 370 words

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