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The Sea and the Stars

What if Future's End really had been the end for Voyager, and Janeway and Chakotay were the only two survivors?


Codes: Janeway/Chakotay

Status: Complete.


Rating: T

Prisoners Of Our Own Device


"You were in an accident. Can you tell me your name?"


Characters: Janeway, Chakotay

Codes: Janeway/Chakotay


Rated T | Published 13 July, 2017 | 6,600 words

O love, aren't you tired yet?

As she waits for death in pre-apocalyptic California, an old woman tells a nurse her impossible life story. But her caretaker has an impossible secret of his own. (Written for the Merry Month of Cohen 2022, You Want It Darker, and inspired by Leonard Cohen's The Faith.)

Characters: Janeway, Mestral

Codes: Janeway/Chakotay

Rated T | Published 13 May, 2022 | 1,700 words

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