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Rank Privileges

Summary: The Vulcan sense of timing does not work in Tuvok's favour.


Characters: Tuvok, Janeway, Chakotay

Codes:  Janeway/Chakotay


Disclaimer: Utter smart-assery. I'd think Paramount would be far too embarrassed to claim it, but then again, they did make Threshold.

Notes: This is what happens when you read far, far too many J/C PWPs and get a little punchy.

Rated M

Part 4: Turbolift

Ensign Tuvok stood over the sink in the galley and scrubbed solicitously at the leola root. Observing a troublesome blue spot on the surface of the tuber, he activated his commbadge. “Captain,” he pronounced, “I have detected evidence that Mr Neelix is attempting to poison the crew.”

There was an unmistakeable sigh in the captain’s voice as she replied. ~Really, Mr Tuvok?~

“Yes, Captain. It would be wise to meet in Sickbay so the Doctor can investigate further.”

On the bridge, Kathryn Janeway rolled her smoky-blue eyes at her first officer, who dimpled back at her devotedly.

It had been six days since her moment of weakness on the holodeck. Surely she was over it by now, protocols shored up and parameters in place, and it was safe to be alone with him for a few minutes? She decided it was.

“Care to join me in Sickbay, Commander?” she asked.

“Always,” he replied. Janeway turned the bridge over to Tom Paris and she and her XO entered the turbolift, oblivious to the silent message Paris was issuing from his console to a station in Engineering: Hey B’E, give it thirty seconds and then initiate Operation Elevator Shaft!

“Deck five,” Janeway ordered, and the turbolift began to move. Chakotay stood silently just behind her and to her left, as was his habit. She tried not to think about the warmth radiating from his chest, so close to her back. He tried not to close his eyes as the subtle scent of roses drifting towards him.

The turbolift lurched and ground to a screeching halt.

“Are you freaking kidding me?” the captain howled. “Janeway to Engineering,” she snapped into her commbadge, “what the hell’s wrong with Turbolift Three?”

~Ah, sorry Captain,~ came Lieutenant Torres’s voice. ~The stupid p’taQ has been playing up all morning. I’ll get on it right away. Torres out.~

As soon as she was off the commline she sent her beloved a message on his console: Next time leave me out of your schemes, Helmboy, or I’ll rip out your spleen and use it as a Velocity target!

You’re sexy when you’re threatening me, came the immediate reply. B’Elanna growled, frightening several nearby ensigns, and opened a commline to the turbolift. “Captain, I’m sorry, it’s going to take a little while to restore power to the ‘lift. You might as well make yourselves comfortable.”

~Can you give me an estimate, Lieutenant?~ came the exaggeratedly patient reply.

B’Elanna shrugged, wondering how long Tom expected her to keep up with this stupid charade. “Twenty minutes?” she guessed.

A gusty sigh came over the comm. ~Very well, Lieutenant. Keep me advised.~

In the turbolift, the captain slumped against the wall, pouting. “Well, Commander, I guess we’re stuck for the time being. Any ideas on how to pass the time?”

“We could play I Spy,” suggested Chakotay.

“Funny,” she muttered darkly, then shivered. “Is it getting cold in here?”

Chakotay tapped his commbadge. “Chakotay to Engineering?”

~Yes, Big Guy?~ replied Torres.

“Please don’t call me that. Are the environmental controls malfunctioning in this turbolift?”

There was a short silence, then B’Elanna replied, ~It would seem so. The temperature has dropped three degrees. I’ll put it on my list of random Voyager malfunctions that ruin your chief engineer’s day. Torres out.~

She sent Paris another console message. I suppose the big freeze is your idea as well, Jailbait?

Hey, it worked for me on the Nyrian ship, her lover replied.

Inside the turbolift, Janeway wrapped her arms around herself. “Okay, it’s seriously frigid in here,” she grumbled.

Chakotay sent her a heated look. “I don’t see anything frigid.”

Kathryn blushed.

The XO saw another shiver run through her and, gathering his courage, stepped closer. “Come on, let me warm you up.”

Janeway sent him a Category Two Death Glare, but it bounced off his shields. Chakotay put an arm around her. “Survival protocols, Captain. We need to share body heat.”

She hesitated a moment, then rebuked herself silently. You’re not a hormonal teenager, Janeway. Show some restraint. Sighing, “Well, you know how I feel about ignoring protocols,” she stepped into his arms.

Oh, damn, she thought dimly a few moments later as she found herself pressed up against the wall of the turbolift with her first officer’s tongue in her mouth and his hands under her shirt, so much for restraint

Strong fingers worked at the fastening of her pants, slipped inside her panties, and started doing the most delicious things to extremely sensitive parts of her body. “Oh my God,” she gasped, blood roaring in her ears. “Oh God, don’t stop …”

The fingers disobeyed orders, slowing their movement. “Did you hear that?” whispered the fingers’ owner in her ear.

There was a bump and a scraping sound above them, and then a pair of eyebrows and pointed ears appeared through the access hatch in the turbolift’s roof. “Captain, Commander,” said a neutral Vulcan voice.

Nooooo,” Janeway screamed.

Chakotay tried unobtrusively to remove his hands from her pants. He cleared his throat. “Report, Tuvok?”

The Vulcan regarded them dispassionately. “I was monitoring the turbolift’s status from Sickbay and noted that it was stalled. I am here to effect your rescue.”

The captain slumped against the wall.

“However,” the Vulcan continued, “if you would prefer to remain unliberated, I will return to the mess hall.”

“No, Tuvok,” sighed the captain, straightening. “Help me out of here.”

Chakotay linked his hands and held them out for her to step on, and Tuvok leaned down to pull the captain out through the access hatch. Chakotay leapt and scrambled out behind her and started climbing the ladder down to the nearest exit point. Tuvok made to follow him, but Janeway stopped him with a hand on his chest. Resigned, Tuvok bent so she could strip the last pip from his collar.

She patted his chest almost regretfully. “Let’s get to Sickbay and investigate your allegations against Mr Neelix. And when we’ve finished, you’ll report to Ship Maintenance under Ensign Mannus. I believe the outer hull is in need of a good scrub.”

The captain placed her dainty foot on the first rung of the ladder, then turned to add, “Don’t forget your toothbrush, Crewman.”

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