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Other Star Trek stories

This is where you'll find one-shot fics from Enterprise, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Discovery, the Mirror Universe and crossovers (series are under the Series menu). Listed in order of rating (K to E), not publish date.

_____________________ Enterprise _____________________


Bad Cadet

How Hoshi Sato, cunning linguist, bad cadet and bad ass, was dishonourably discharged from Starfleet Command School and what happened when she was drafted back in. (Part of the Bad Ensign Stories collection. This is not exactly an origin story for the Bad Ensign game, but I like to imagine it goes way back in Starfleet history.)

Characters: Sato, Hernandez, Archer

Codes: Hernandez/Sato, Archer/Hernandez

Rated M | Published 17 April, 2019 | 2,200 words

_____________________ Discovery _____________________

Open to Suggestion

Gabriel is surprisingly slow to make a move on Katrina, but in the end all it takes is the power of suggestion.

Characters: Cornwell, Lorca, Georgiou, A. Paris

Codes: Cornwell/Lorca, Georgiou/A. Paris

Rated T | Published 7 May, 2018 | 950 words


I'll Take You There

He remembers clutching her hand and not letting go. Until they came for her. (Written after episode 1x07, Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad.)

Characters: Lorca, Cornwell

Codes: Lorca & Cornwell


Rated T | Published 3 November, 2017 | 890 words

This Is The Moment

If he could just stop thinking about the captain, maybe he’d be able to keep his mind on the goddamned job.

Characters: Tyler, Pike, Tilly

Codes: Pike/Tyler

Rated M | Published 22 March, 2017 | 3,000 words

__________________ Strange New Worlds __________________

until our last moment

La'an dreams of dying, even when she wants to live. (Written for the Merry Month of Cohen 2022 collection, You Want it Darker. Inspired by Leonard Cohen's So Long, Marianne.)

Characters: La'an, Una

Codes: La'an/Una

Rated T | Published 14 May, 2022 | 750 words

_____________________ The Next Generation _____________________


Warmth and Colour

Did you hear the one about the telepath, the listener and the ship-wide malfunction? (Written for the Trek Rarepair Swap, round 19.)

Characters: Guinan, Lwaxana Troi, Deanna Troi

Codes: Guinan/Lwaxana

Rated T | Published 5 March, 2018 | 1,700 words


Nick Locarno’s life has been defined by avoiding consequences, but he can't outrun them forever. (A gift for @rikerssexblouse, because she prompted me to get out of my comfort zone.)


Characters: Nicholas Locarno, Wesley Crusher, Jean Hajar

Codes: Locarno/Crusher, Locarno/Hajar


Rated M | Published 13 December, 2017 | 4,200 words


_____________________ Deep Space Nine _____________________


You’ve never met a girl like Jadzia Dax before, and no matter how many lifetimes she lives, you never will again. (Written for the #merrymonthofcohen fic event, and inspired by the song Light as the Breeze.)

Characters: Kira, J Dax, E Dax

Codes: Kira & J Dax, Kira/J Dax, Kira & E Dax

Rated K | Published 17 May, 2019 | 1,000 words

_____________________ Picard _____________________


Someone must have programmed the android to blow up Utopia Planitia. (Written shortly after 1x02 Maps and Legends.)

Characters: F8, Unseen Narrator

Codes: none

Rated K | Published 2 February, 2020 | 100 words


Raffi, after it all. (Inspired by an interview with Michelle Hurd and Jeri Ryan. They were asked two questions: “what part of your character do you want to take with you”, and “where do you see your character when she’s 80”. I really liked Michelle’s answer.)

Characters: Raffi

Codes: Raffi/Seven

Rated K | Published 9 May, 2023 | 500 words

_____________________ Mirror Universe _____________________

Queen of Swords

Context is for emperors. (Note: My take on what really went down in the Mirror Universe. Written just after episode 1x12 Vaulting Ambition aired, because I couldn't live with Evil Georgiou's description of Lorca as 'grooming' Michael.)

Characters: Mirror Burnham, Mirror Lorca, Mirror Georgiou

Codes: Mirror Burnham/Mirror Lorca, Mirror Georgiou/Mirror Lorca

Rated T | Published 24 January, 2017 | 1,700 words

_____________________ Crossovers _____________________

Hell, No

A series of drabbles written to the prompt rarepair + hell, no.

Series: multiple

Characters: multiple

Codes: multiple

Rated K | Published 17 October, 2020 | 1,000 words

The Rift

In some other, kinder universe, both Ellen Landry and Veronica Stadi met a happier fate.

Series: Discovery, Voyager

Characters: Landry, Stadi

Codes: Landry/Stadi

Rated T | Published 26 August, 2017 | 1,100 words

Well Groomaxed

An accident with a trans-dimensional transporter lands Quark in the wrong universe at the wrong time with the wrong woman. (Prompted by kinky prompt #40, shaving kink.)

Series: Deep Space Nine, Discovery, Mirror Universe

Characters: Quark, Mirror Cornwell

Codes: Mirror Cornwell/Quark

Rated T | Published 26 July, 2018 | 1,000 words


In the Maquis, you learn to take the rough with the smooth. (Prompted by kinky prompt #7, car sex.)

Series: Voyager, Deep Space Nine, The Next Generation

Characters: Tom Paris, Tom Riker, Chakotay

Codes: Paris/T Riker

Rated M | Published 2 October, 2020 | 2,900 words

I wish for emptiness and sudden light

“What are you, Jean-Luc? Are you ever putting on the pips again, or are you planning to wander about the galaxy digging up relics and whistling for Starfleet every time you get yourself into a jam?”

Series: The Next Generation, Voyager, Picard, Short Trek: Children of Mars, Movie: Nemesis

Characters: Picard, Janeway, Crusher, Seven, Laris

Codes: Picard/Janeway, Chakotay/Seven, Picard/Crusher, Janeway/Chakotay

Rated M | Published 24 February, 2020 | 7,300 words

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