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Nothing But Trouble

Summary: Three years after coming home, Voyager’s former command team want nothing to do with each other. She thinks he’s a cad and he thinks she’s nothing but trouble. But when Janeway disappears under mysterious circumstances, all the slave traders, fistfights and cagey admirals in the galaxy can’t stop Chakotay from going after her.


Characters: Janeway, Chakotay, Seven of Nine, Torres, Paris

Codes: Janeway/Chakotay


Disclaimer: Somewhere, there’s a pretty snow-capped mountain that doesn’t care a whit about raining unholy legal hell on me.


Notes: Written for the VAMB Secret Summer 2016 exchange. My request was: “NC-17 J/C fic, preferably with a plot. I love thrillers and suspense. No wimpy J/C for me please. No-goes include wimpy J/C, baby fics, wedding fics”. Pretty sure that's right up my alley.


Warning: Some scenes contain non-consensual elements and could be disturbing.

Rated E

Epilogue: The De-Briefing


~Starfleet Command to Delta Flyer II.~


Tom switched on the viewscreen. “Flyer here.”


~Commander Paris?~ Admiral Patterson’s brow wrinkled. ~Where are Admiral Janeway and Captain Chakotay?~


“Ah …” Tom fidgeted. “They’re, ah, in the aft compartment, sir.”


~Well, get them for me, son.~


Tom heard B’Elanna snicker into her sleeve and shot her a baleful glance. “Um, Admiral, they’re a little busy at the moment.”


~Doing what?~ barked Patterson, frowning.


“They’re in conference,” Tom said desperately, trying to ignore B’Elanna’s shaking shoulders. “They’ve asked they not be disturbed.”


Patterson’s frown morphed into a scowl. ~Listen, son. This is a critical mission and I’m expecting Admiral Janeway’s report. I want to talk to her immediately.~


Tom cast a desperate glance at Seven, whose mouth was curled ever so slightly at the corners. She raised an unhelpful eyebrow at him. “Sir, they’re debriefing,” he tried, and heard B’Elanna double over in fits of laughter.


Patterson drew himself up. “I’m only going to say this one more time, Commander. Patch me through to them right now or I’ll cite you for insubordination.~


“Aye, sir,” Tom sighed. “One moment, please.”



He could hardly believe it was finally happening. She arched above him, gloriously naked,  riding him as he held her hips and thrust up into her, gritting his teeth to hold back the onset of his climax. There was no way he wanted this to be over too soon, and he had every intention of making her come at least twice before he did.


Chakotay slid a hand up to her breast, teasing her nipple with his thumb, and watched Kathryn shudder and moan. She leaned down to kiss him and he wrapped his other hand in her hair, holding her close. The change in angle made him rub up inside her deliciously and he felt her begin to tense, her inner muscles rippling around him. She began to gasp into his mouth, small breathy little moans that were playing havoc with his control. He nibbled his way from her mouth along her jawline until he found that spot under her ear that produced such a gratifying reaction. This time was no different; he sucked lightly at her neck as he ground up into her and instantly felt her entire body convulse and her inner walls clamp tightly around his cock as she buried her face in his shoulder to muffle her shriek.


He held on by a thread as he let her ride it out. When she went boneless in his grasp, he flipped her beneath him, spread his hands under her buttocks and started thrusting into her in earnest. Her head fell back and her mouth opened in a silent O as her body arched, her hands gripping the sheets. She locked her ankles behind his back, rocking her hips to meet him, and he felt her tightening around him again, her thighs quivering. “Chako-tay,” she wailed as her orgasm bowed her spine, and he answered her with a growl as with a final thrust he buried himself in her body as deep as he could go and emptied himself inside her.


Kathryn was still shaking as she pulled him close and buried her face in his neck. He tried to shift his weight off her, sure he was too heavy, but she simply tightened her arms and legs around him, so he rolled onto his back, taking her with him. He felt her pulse start to slow and curled his hands into her hair. “Kathryn,” he murmured, and she raised her smiling face to kiss him sweetly. He kissed her back, tracing her lips with his tongue.


He moved one hand around to stroke from the side of her breast, down her side to cup her ass, and felt himself hardening again inside her. Her breath let out on a moan and she pressed against him involuntarily. “You’re insatiable,” she murmured, smiling against his mouth.


“Whose fault is that?” he grinned as her lips traveled down to his throat. She nipped his chin with sharp teeth and in retaliation he slapped her lightly on the ass, making her jump and squeak. He was just starting to let his fingers travel with purpose when the comm system beeped.


~Uh, Paris to aft section,~ came the sheepish voice. ~Everyone alive back there?~


“Barely,” Chakotay replied.


Kathryn smacked him on the shoulder. “What is it, Tom?”


~You have no idea how sorry I am to do this to you, but Admiral Patterson is on subspace and he really wants to talk to one or both of you. He won’t take no for an answer.~


They looked at each other.


“You do it,” Kathryn whispered.


“Me? It’s your mission he wants to know about, not mine.”


“I just escaped from being brainwashed.”


“You’re the senior officer.”


“And you may be an officer, but you’re no gentleman,” she hissed.


Chakotay grinned and fished his shirt off the floor, tossing it to her. “Make yourself decent.”


She glared at him as she buttoned it haphazardly and shook out her hair. “Okay, Tom, you can route the call through now,” she called, sitting at the small table and pulling the comm terminal closer. To Chakotay she hissed, “Stay out of sight. And don’t think I’m letting you off the hook.”


“The last time I made you angry, it turned out pretty well for me,” he teased her. “I’m not going anywhere.”


Kathryn shot him a glare and had to compose herself quickly when Admiral Patterson’s impatient face appeared onscreen.


~Finally,~ he said indignantly, then softened. ~It’s good to have to you back, Katie. How are you?~


“I’m fine, Theo, thanks to Captain Chakotay and his crew.”


~Good. Report, Admiral.~


She straightened in response to his change in tone. “I’ll send a full report shortly, sir, but the mission was a relative success. I can verify the identity of at least two of the – of the perpetrators…” Her voice trailed off as a large hand slid between her knees, parting them under the table. She gulped.


~The perpetrators,~ Patterson prompted.


“Uh, yes, the men running the kidnapping ring…” Another hand spread over the base of her back, pulling her forward on her chair, and she felt a tongue trace along her inner thigh. She bit her lip on a gasp as two fingers slid inside her and curled upward.


~Are you sure you’re all right, Katie?~


“Y-yes sir,” she sighed, fighting to stop her eyes from closing as the tongue started tracing small circles over her clitoris and the fingers moved deliciously inside her.


~You should have Commander Paris check you over. You look a little flushed.~


“I’m perfectly fine,” she squeaked. “Just a little … distracted…”


~I should let you get some rest,~ Patterson said solicitously. ~Where’s Captain Chakotay? I’ll speak with him instead.~


Kathryn felt the vibrations of Chakotay’s laughter between her legs and moaned aloud. “He can’t talk right now either,” she blurted.


~Whyever not?~ Patterson stared at her from the comm screen.


Chakotay sucked her clit into his mouth and Kathryn started to shake. “You know what, Admiral, you’re right. I really could use some rest. We’ll call you back,” and without waiting for a reply, she slammed a hand down on the comm unit, closing the channel. She glared down at the man kneeling between her legs. “You – you can’t – you just…”


“It’s not like you to be so inarticulate, Kathryn,” he responded, taking a long, lazy swipe at her with his tongue.


She moaned, louder, and again as he slightly increased the pace and pressure of his fingers inside her. “You’re going to be the death of me,” she said breathlessly. “And probably my career as well.”


“Are you angry?” he murmured against the soft skin of her thigh.


“Not as angry as I’ll be if you stop,” she gasped, her fingers twining into his hair as her hips rocked toward him. “Get back to work, Captain. That’s an order.”


“Yes ma’am,” he grinned, and returned enthusiastically to duty.

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