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May 20, 2371

Summary: Chakotay uncovers a secret.

Characters: Chakotay, Janeway

Codes: Janeway/Chakotay


Disclaimer: Characters are Paramount’s. No infringement intended.

Notes: Stardate 48380.9, a few weeks after Caretaker.

Rated K

He’d stumbled across it by accident, or so he told himself, though if asked why he’d accessed his new captain’s service record, he’d have to admit he was snooping.


Nevertheless, having found it, the date stuck in his mind.


He wrapped up his shift on the bridge, ate in the messhall, read a few pages of a book. And still he couldn’t stop thinking about it.


About her.


“Computer, locate Captain Janeway?”


She was in Jeffries tube 47, uniform crumpled, hair tumbled. “Commander,” she greeted him absently.


Bashful, he lit the candle on the cupcake.


“Happy birthday.”


And she smiled.

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