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Hell, No

Summary: A series of drabbles written to the prompt rarepair + hell, no.

Characters: multiple

Codes: multiple

Disclaimer: Paramount/CBS own all rights to the Star Trek universe and its characters, which I am borrowing without permission or intent to profit.

Notes: Guess the characters and pairings ... or skip to the cheat sheet.

Rated K

Two: What One and One Makes

With her Illyrian ancestry, she’d always known she would be long-lived, but she’d never expected to see the turn of another century. Perhaps her extended lifespan was the result of many brushes with temporal anomalies. Perhaps it was a gift, though having long outlived everyone she loved, she found it a difficult one to accept.

Hell, no, she didn’t want it.

She watched the sun setting over the vineyard. Her companion lay beside her, undemanding; she laid a hand on his solid head. He snuffled softly, at peace. As was she.

Perhaps this gift was to be appreciated after all.

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