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Heaven in the Shape of Hell

Mirror, mirror, off the wall… Who’s the dirtiest girl of all?

These stories were written for the @voyagermirrormarch fic event, which allows for a deliciously loose interpretation of what the mirror universe can be. My version for the first story aligns pretty closely with Discovery canon, but for the second and third stories I've slightly distorted the 24th century mirrorverse we saw on screen.

As for the plot… forget logic. Forget timelines. Just go with it.


Codes: Various

Status: In progress.

Warning: Violence, rape/non-con, dubious consent and Threshold puns.


Ratings: E



When Kashyk gives his lover what he thinks is a harmless trinket, there’s no way he could predict the wild ride it’s going to take them on. Fortunately for him, his lover is the indomitable Kathryn Janeway, who’s no stranger to being thrown across time and space … but the Mirror Universe presents her with challenges even she will struggle to meet.


Characters: Janeway, Kashyk, Mirror Cornwell, Mirror Georgiou, Mirror Lorca, Mirror Pike, Mirror McCoy (AOS)

Codes: Janeway/Kashyk, Janeway/Mirror Lorca, Janeway/Mirror Cornwell, Janeway/Mirror McCoy (AOS), Janeway/Mirror Lorca/Mirror Pike, Janeway/Mirror Georgiou


Rated E | Published 1 March, 2019 | 13,500 words

Liminal State

They’ve escaped the Terran Empire, but this is not the universe, or the Devore warship, they call home … and in this version of the multiverse, Kathryn is forced to confront the warped reflections of people she once called her family. Allied with her jailer and former enemy, Kashyk, against the mirror images of her loved ones, staying alive becomes a dangerous game in which her body is her most valuable bargaining chip.

Characters: Janeway, Kashyk, Mirror Chakotay, Mirror Janeway, Mirror Kashyk, Mirror Tuvok, Mirror Ayala, Mirror Paris, Mirror Seska, Mirror Torres, Mirror Kim, Mirror EMH, Original Characters

Codes: Janeway/Kashyk, Janeway/Mirror Janeway, Mirror Janeway/Kashyk, Mirror Janeway/Mirror Paris, Janeway/Mirror Janeway/Mirror Chakotay, Janeway/Mirror Torres, Janeway/Mirror Paris/Mirror Ayala, Janeway/Mirror Kashyk, Janeway/Mirror Tuvok, Mirror Janeway/Mirror Chakotay, Mirror Paris/Mirror Seska, Janeway/Mirror Chakotay, Janeway/Chakotay

Rated E | Published 17 March, 2019 | 24,200 words


Impersonating the Captain Janeway of the Mirror Universe – the one who commands a brutal war fleet of captured Delta quadrant ships – is a hazardous exercise, even for a Kathryn Janeway who’s survived the Devore Imperium and the Terran Empire. Forced to contend with senseless violence, sexual sadism and the constant threat of betrayal, she’s worn down and desperate to escape her new life. But can she rely on her brand-new allies … especially the mirror version of Chakotay, whom she’s naturally inclined to trust, but who might have an agenda of his own?

Characters: Janeway, Mirror Chakotay, Mirror Kashyk, Kashyk, Mirror Tuvok, Mirror Paris, Mirror Seska, Mirror Torres, Mirror Ayala, Mirror Kim, Mirror Janeway, Original Characters

Codes: Janeway/Mirror Chakotay, Janeway/Chakotay, Mirror Janeway/Mirror Chakotay,, Janeway/Kashyk, Janeway/Mirror Kashyk, Kashyk/Mirror Torres, Mirror Paris/Mirror Seska

Rated E | Published 31 March, 2019 | WIP

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