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What is this place?

Basically, it's an excuse to fangirl over Kathryn Janeway and her intrepid crew. I write stuff and I post it on this site. I'm also fairly active as @mia-cooper on tumblr. Most of what's here is Voyager fan fiction (obviously), but you'll find some Discovery and the odd TNG, Picard, Mirrorverse, DS9 and even ENT feature here as well. And I'm trying to branch out from Star Trek, so eventually you may find other fandoms on here. (So far I've managed one Trek/Marvel crossover, but who knows? Maybe someday there'll be others.)

I use the FictionRatings guide (mostly - I use ‘E’ instead of ‘MA’ because single letters are cooler).

Transformative works are welcome. Fanart, remixes, podfics, sequels, prequels, spinoffs, fanvids, meta, translations, you name it, if anything I throw out into the void inspires you to create something, go for gold, just please credit the work you riffed on and let me know, so I can check it out.

Feedback is life! You can leave public comments or send me private feedback on the Feedback page. Please do. I love reviews. I accept constructive criticism, face-palming, fangirling, keyboard-smashing, swearing, etc.

I also post as MiaCooper on AO3 (, in case you prefer to leave comments there.


I run the following multi-author collections on AO3, which you should check out because some incredible authors are featured in them.

Shippers' haven:

Cave Diving on Mars: A collection of stories featuring the relationship between Kathryn Janeway and Mark Johnson - as friends, lovers or adversaries.

Friends with Benefits: a Janeway x Chakotay collection: A collection of stories in which Janeway and Chakotay have a mutually beneficial, mutually satisfying sexual arrangement - in whatever form that might take - and the smut, angst and feelings that come along with it.



Caretaker Missing Scene: The Offer: A collection of fics depicting the missing Caretaker scene in which Janeway asks Chakotay to be her first officer.

Untimely: A collection of stories based around the Voyager episode Timeless, and its sub-collections Fire (for fanworks set in and around the 2375 slipstream-flight timeline) and Ice (for fanworks set in the unaltered timeline that Harry and Chakotay came back to change).

Counterpoint Vignettes: Interwoven stories that fit within Voyager canon but take place in a slightly darker universe. This began with a few J/C and J/Ka stories but has expanded to include pre- and post-TV series fics.​ (This collection is now closed.)

Equinox: a Star Trek Voyager collection: A collection for fanfic based on, set around or inspired by the Voyager episode Equinox.

Stalemate: an alternate Endgame Timeline collection: Loosely related stories set in the unaltered version of the timeline Admiral Janeway came back to change. These stories are consistent with each other, but not consistent with my other Unaltered Endgame Timeline series.


Beta-canon based:

Voyager Relaunch Fic: A collection of works set in the post-TV series Voyager novelverse, and its sub-collection Voyager Relaunch Fic - Beta-Canon Divergent, for fic set in the Relaunch universe that deviates from book canon.



Tumblr Fic Prompt Collection: A master collection for the fics I write to prompts - images, quotes, tumblr asks, whatever catches my eye - and home to five sub-collections: a kiss and a ship (from the tumblr meme send me a ship and a number and I'll write you a kiss), fluffy mcangstface (from a list of fluff and angst dialogue prompts), kinky (obviously, from a kink meme), six sexy words (from the sexy six prompt list) , and my fics written to modern AU prompts.

Who By Fire: The Merry Month of Cohen: A collection of fanworks based around Leonard Cohen songs and produced for any Star Trek variant. My iteration of this collection ran through May 2019 and is now closed, but you can find more information at @killitwithtears. And the marvellous @caladeniablue took up the mantle for May 2020; you can find those stories in the Caught the Darkness collection. Don't forget to check out the parent collection, Merry Month of May, each year - someone in this wonderful fandom is sure to pick up the ball for next time.

Star Trek Voyager Promptober 2018: A place to collect stories written for the 2018 edition of Fictober Kinktober and Inktober.

Mia's Meat Raffle: A collection of stories written for the winners of my charity raffle, which raised money to benefit Australian wildlife and people displaced, injured or left homeless by the 2019-20 bushfires.


Collaborations with Helen8462:

Down the Rabbit Hole: A Voyager/Discovery crossover collection, in which Kathryn Janeway discovers a hundred-year-old technology that could get Voyager home and travels back in time to investigate. Meeting Gabriel Lorca leads to unexpected complications. (Helen8462's stories can be found in this collection; mine are also published on under the Strange Fortunes series. This collection is now closed.)

Where the straight road was lost: A collaboration between Helen8462 and me that brings together various stand-alone stories, mostly canon-consistent and set in the same universe. (We had plans to expand it to include a story series in future. Helen is sadly taking a break from writing fic, but I may still write that series. Someday.)

Prompt Sabotage: In which Helen8462 and I attempt to one-up each other. One author chooses a prompt and adds 'sabotages' for the other to create a story from. (This collection is also on hold, but we had fun while it lasted.)

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