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50 Ways to Leave Your Lover

Summary: Kathryn Janeway can’t help breaking hearts, but at least she never does it the same way twice.


Characters: Janeway, Megan Delaney, Harry Kim

Codes: Janeway/Megan Delaney


Disclaimer: All characters belong to Paramount. I'm just having a little twisted fun with them.

Notes: When I posted A Long Journey on tumblr, @caladeniablue asked 'Fic to go with this?' and it got me thinking. This is the result. (If you have a request for a lover Kathryn could leave, email me!)

Rated M

thirteen | Megan Delaney


Requested by @grissomesque.


Crammed into a Jeffries tube, sweat pooling in the crease of her thighs, slender fingers curled inside her just so – Kathryn bites down on the sleeve of her uniform jacket and squirms until the pad of Megan’s thumb finds the precise spot that sends her rocketing, arching into the wall, her legs shaking as she comes slowly, slowly back down.
The fingers and thumb withdraw, and Kathryn opens her eyes.
Whatever she’d hoped to see on Megan’s face – not that she’s consciously considered it – this sweetness, this vulnerability, isn’t it.
It’s like an ice-cold shower to her mind and her libido, even while her body is still pulsing. Sitting up, Kathryn feels the grates of the Jeffries tube floor grinding uncomfortably into her bare thighs and begins the inelegant process of tugging her pants back up over her hips. By the time she’s fully dressed, Megan Delaney is sitting back on her heels with her eyes downcast to hide what Kathryn suspects is disappointment with a touch of humiliation.
It's a look she’s seen before. Twice, actually, on the other two occasions she somehow found herself somewhere not-quite-private with Megan’s fingers or tongue playing intimate arpeggios on her flesh.
She opens her mouth to say – something – and is saved by the blessed sound of her name being called over the comm.
“Ensign Delaney,” she says instead, and turns to begin the hands-and-knees slither toward the exit hatch.
Ahead, somebody is coming toward her: silky black hair and broad shoulders clad in gold.
“Captain,” he nods, moving aside to let her pass.
“Ensign Kim,” she forces out, crawling away as rapidly as she can.
As she opens the hatch to Corridor 47-alpha and the illusion of freedom, she hears Harry’s voice from further inside the Jeffries tube.
“Megan? What are you doing here?”
Kathryn scrambles through the hatch and slams it shut.

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