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"Remember, you're the queen."

Fanfiction. Mostly Star Trek: Voyager, some Discovery and other Treks. Everything from angst to fluff to smut to crack. Multi-pairing, but ultimately Janeway x anyone who can get her off. Sporadic but quite frequent updates. Now you know me.

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Latest updates:

23 October, 2022 | Voyager | Show Me (M) | Janeway/Chakotay

The New Earth virus had side effects.



20 May, 2022 | Voyager | May 20, 2376 (K+) | Janeway/Chakotay, Janeway/Sullivan

He’d encouraged her to have fun with her holo-lover. After all, photons and forcefields meant nothing. (Set on Stardate 53382.6, during Fair Haven. This year's drabble in the Happy birthday, Captain Janeway series.)

14 May, 2022 | Strange New Worlds | until our last moment (T) | La'an/Una

La'an dreams of dying, even when she wants to live. (Written for the Merry Month of Cohen 2022 collection, You Want it Darker. Inspired by Leonard Cohen's So Long, Marianne.)

13 May, 2022 | Voyager, Enterprise | O love, aren't you tired yet? (T) | Janeway & Mestral, Janeway/Chakotay

As she waits for death in pre-apocalyptic California, an old woman tells a nurse her impossible life story. But her caretaker has an impossible secret of his own. (Written for the Merry Month of Cohen 2022 collection, You Want It Darker. Inspired by Leonard Cohen's The Faith.)



14 November, 2021 | Voyager | Injurious Truths (T) | Janeway & Phoebe, Janeway/Chakotay

“I don't want them to know my secrets. I don't want them to know the way I loved him.” Home isn’t quite what Kathryn hoped for, but at least she has her regular coffee dates with Phoebe. (Inspired by @voyagerwritinggame's September prompt.)

13 November, 2021 | Fires | What Remains (T) | various


Ficlets from the aftermath of the Black Summer bushfires in Australia, 2019-20. (Based on the ABC Australia show Fires, but can probably be read fandom blind... otherwise, switch your VPN to an Aussie zone and go to ABC iView.)


20 May, 2021 | Voyager | May 20, 2375 (K) | Janeway/Chakotay

She’d been keeping vigil with the Doctor for two weeks, but guilt wouldn’t let her rest. (Set on Stardate 52380.9, after Latent Image, and this year's drabble in the Happy birthday, Captain Janeway series.)



7 Apr, 2021 | Here's something a little bit different.

Since I'm taking a break from writing fanfiction and pondering whether I should embark on writing something more original, I've been reading actual books - published books - in between the occasional fic. And since I can't seem to write anything particularly creative right now, I'm keeping my hand in by writing book reviews. Feel free to recommend me some reading material!


7 Feb, 2021 | Voyager | 47 (K) | various pairings

A trio of character studies, each exactly 47 words.

27 Nov, 2020 | Voyager | Kindling (M) | Janeway/Chakotay

“A soldier and a philosopher ... your intelligence file doesn’t do you justice.” - It’s obvious that Kathryn Janeway finds the philosopher intriguing, but in private it’s the soldier she really wants to get to know. (Part of the Where the straight road was lost universe. A work in progress, but this chapter stands alone.)

17 Oct, 2020 | Multiple series | Hell,No (K) | Multiple pairings

A series of drabbles written to the prompt rarepair + hell, no.

4 Oct, 2020 | Voyager | Let's Call the Whole Thing Off (T) | Chakotay/Seven, Janeway/Chakotay

Neelix runs a tight ship. (Satire.)

2 Oct, 2020 | Voyager, Deep Space Nine, The Next Generation | Grounded (M) | Paris/T Riker

In the Maquis, you learn to take the rough with the smooth. (Written to kinky prompt #7, car sex.)

19 Sep, 2020 | Voyager | Ghost (K) | Janeway & Chakotay, Chakotay & Tuvok

“I doubt you’ll even notice I’m not there.” (Season 6 Chakotay, written for XOs for the XOs.)

18 Sep, 2020 | Voyager | Omega (K) | Allos

"Small-minded creatures! You destroy whatever you don't understand!" - Allos, The Omega Directive. (Written to the prompt: Write a drabble (100w) from the perspective of a character you've never written before and inspired by the word "awe".)



30 Jul, 2020 | Voyager | ... and never again (K+) | Janeway/Chakotay

“This is not the way he thought he’d go out: as a martyr, an honourable sacrifice. A life mourned and a death celebrated. Offering himself up for the good of his crew. He’s just never considered himself that noble.” (Companion piece to coffeeblack75’s incredible This Day, with her permission, and my greatest thanks. Now with another companion piece by DieAstra, This Time.)

18 Jul, 2020 | Voyager | 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover (M)| Janeway/anyone who can get her off

Kathryn Janeway can’t help breaking hearts, but at least she never does it the same way twice. (Inspired by A Long Journey. If you have a request for a lover Kathryn should leave, or a method of abandonment, drop me a line.)

13 Jun, 2020 | Voyager | Fine (Written All Over You) (E) | Janeway/Chakotay

Kathryn Janeway has left a big city career and a longstanding, tumultuous relationship to manage the Paris family library in sleepy Maplebrook, NY. Chakotay is a part-time history professor, part-time novelist who's struggling to write his latest book. When he turns up at the library to research its renowned Mayan collection for his novel, the last thing he expects is to discover a fascinating new object of study: Kathryn Janeway. (Co-written with traccigaryn.)

10 Jun, 2020 | Voyager | Only Human (E) | Janeway/Chakotay, Janeway/Ayala

What the captain gets up to in her private hours is nobody’s business but hers ... and the lover she chooses to spend them with. (The identity of Janeway’s lover is entirely up to you – it all depends on which ending you choose.)


24 May, 2020 | Voyager | Too Close (K) | Janeway/Chakotay

“You’ve had close calls before, Commander, but that was too close.” Sometimes, so is she … but never quite close enough. (Written for the Kathryn Janeway Needs a Hug fest.)

20 May, 2020 | Voyager | New drabbles in the annual Happy Birthday, Captain Janeway series | Janeway/Chakotay

Due to a temporal glitch, Kathryn has two birthdays this year. May 20, 2374 (K): She wasn’t blind to what the pocket watch symbolised for him, but she didn’t see it the same way. (Set on Stardate 51380.8, during Year of Hell); and May 20, 2374, v2 (K): Chakotay always seemed to give her the perfect birthday gift. (Also set on Stardate 51380.8, during Concerning Flight.)

19 May, 2020 | Voyager | I'm Gonna Show You Crazy (fanvid) (T) | Janeway, Torres, Seven, Kes

"I'm tired of trying to be normal // I'm always overthinking // I'm driving myself crazy // So what if I'm fucking crazy?" (Because we all go a little crazy sometimes. Explicit language; listen with headphones.)

11 May, 2020 | Voyager | Entangled (E) | Janeway/Chakotay

In the all-too-brief moments they can snatch together, sometimes Kathryn can get a little bit … grabby. (Fourth in the Service series. Set shortly after the opening scenes of Survival Instinct. Prompted by a discord discussion ("I can see Kathryn being a hair puller"). Somewhat tamer than earlier instalments in this series, but everybody needs vanilla kink once in a while.)

8 May, 2020 | Voyager | Everybody Knows (fanvid) (K) | Janeway/Kashyk, Janeway/Chakotay

"Everybody knows that the dice are loaded // everybody rolls with their fingers crossed // everybody knows the war is over // everybody knows the good guys lost ..." (Produced for caught the darkness, the second annual Merry Month of Cohen.)

30 Apr, 2020 | Voyager | So Real (fanvid) (K) | Janeway/Chakotay

"Tear this heart out // love, oh // we're living just like strangers for so long // do you realise what is here beside you?" (My Coronavirus project, I decided, was to learn how to make fanvids. So Real is actually my second vid but the first one I published. It's very J/C. Music by Deutsch Duke, and I couldn't find the lyrics online so I've transcribed what I hear when I listen to the song.)

31 Mar, 2020 | Voyager | Social Distance (T) | Janeway/Chakotay

The terrible trials of a captain in quarantine. (Written for the Lock Down Fest 2020.)

24 Feb, 2020 | Picard, Voyager, The Next Generation | I wish for emptiness and sudden light (M) | Picard/Janeway, Chakotay/Seven, Picard/Crusher, Janeway/Chakotay

"What are you, Jean-Luc? Are you ever putting on the pips again, or are you planning to wander about the galaxy digging up relics and whistling for Starfleet every time you get yourself into a jam?” (In which I reimagine the first time Picard and Janeway meet in the book The Buried Age, retcon their on-and-off relationship over the following decades, and extrapolate the shit out of the years between Star Trek: Nemesis and the Picard show. Whee!)

2 Feb, 2020 | Picard | Cassius (K) | F8, Unseen Narrator

“… and we petty men walk under his huge legs, and peep about to find ourselves dishonourable graves …” (A drabble, and my first fic for Picard. There will be others.)

29 Jan, 2020 | Voyager | Apfelschuss: The Killing of Kathryn Janeway (T) | Janeway/Chakotay

“But you keep insisting you’re unable to,” she let her glance tick slowly downward until it rested on his crotch, “perform. What could you possibly do to impress me?” (Written for the Talent Night Extravaganza, celebrating Coda Day. Also Threshold Day, because both fall on January 29, and because I can't resist a dare.)

20 Jan, 2020 | Voyager | Indelible (M) | Janeway/Chakotay

She really should know better by now. It’s not the first time her opening conversation with an alien dignitary has left them with the apparently indelible impression that Chakotay is her partner in more than just command. (Inspired by this video by the amazing @leisylaura.)

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